The Kooples Collaboration

For this upcycling project lead by The Kooples I recieved deadstock garments to upcycle, in order to create a new narrative corresponding to the dna of the brand. The core of The Kooples is the notion of couples. My initial idea after the pitch was to base my project around two of my friends who are born as identical twins but have both very strong and separate personalities, and ways of living. I wanted to focus on their differences more than similarities. I started with an interview with Siri who lives in Copenhagen. In the interview we discussed the struggls of separation but also growing indepsendence. We had a realisation that Siri and Elsa have grown to be more similar in their expression after moving to different countries seeking independence.

Siri and Elsa, photo albums and interview

Garment interaction with Elsa

Lookbook Excerpt

Shot by Elsa Hammarén